Earlier this month several doctors at the Atlanta VA Medical Center were accused of mistreating a patient by violating several patient rights and refusing medications. Dr. Michael Scott Saenger, Dr. Lemmy Nsor Effa, and Dr. April M.f. Madu, at the Atlanta VA Medical Center are accused of mistreating a disabled […]

Atlanta VA Medical Center Doctors Accused of Mistreating Disabled Patient

Business Handshake Before Globe
Whether you were hired for your first choice of internships or went with a backup, there are several ways to optimize your time spent on the job. Know the expectations – The best way to understand how an internship is going to go is to ask exactly how it’s going […]

European School of Economics: Optimizing Your Internship

According to statistics compiled by insurance companies, residential roofs play a part in over 30 percent of homeowners’ insurance claims. In addition to causing immediate damage when water leaks into the interior of the home, leaks can cause significant damage over the long term as well, including the spread of […]

The Basics of Roof Inspections

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The perfect internship will have different definitions for different people, but the steps toward finding high-value internships are similar, regardless of your field of study. These steps can help to position you for great internships. Build a base resume’ – Your base resume’ should be no more than 1 page […]

European School of Economics: 6 Steps Toward Getting Great Internships

Cleaning and maintaining your appliances may not rank very high on your list of fun things to do, but the money that you can save on your energy bills and by avoiding unnecessary repairs can be used for other pursuits like hobbies, dining out, or taking a short vacation every […]

Your Appliances: 4 Maintenance Routines that Take less than 5 ...

Fast Food
  Retailers of all kinds have been using mobile commerce apps to allow consumers to place orders through their devices for fast and easy pickups at a physical location. The apps have become popular due to the speed and convenience of browsing for goods online, which eliminates the need to […]

Making Fast Food Faster

  The expected usable life of a roof on a commercial structure will probably be far shorter than the rest of the building, leading to the inevitability of a roof replacement at some point in time and perhaps another one or two after that. The fact that a high percentage […]

4 Things that Will Make a Roof Replacement on a ...

One of the first topics that comes up after the benefits of the Internet of Things are laid out is how all these devices are going to maintain the security and protect the privacy of the networks to which they are connected. These are valid concerns, due in large part […]

The FTC Weighs in on the Internet of Things

Winter can be pretty rough on the roofing systems of commercial buildings as temperatures can vary widely, snow accumulates, and freeze/thaw cycles become common events. Generally speaking, it is during this time of year that roofing problems increase in frequency as winter weather exploits defects and unrepaired areas within a […]

3 Ways that Winter Weather Messes with Roofing Systems on ...

The Shifting Field of North Korea versus Sony
A week ago when Sony decided against releasing “The Interview” due to cancellations by 5 major movie house chains amid threats of violence, the group calling itself the Guardians of Peace did an online victory dance having exerted its will over the First Amendment in the US. A week later, […]

The Shifting Field of North Korea versus Sony